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Our Story

COLAMY is a home seating brand established in 2019, with categories covering office chair, dining chair, accent chair, gaming chair, and so on.

COLAMY wants its chairs to be as durable as bridges and also wants them to be like works of art, full of design and charm, shaping a new image of "Made in China."

Martin, the head of COLAMY brand, has an encyclopedic and comprehensive knowledge of all kinds of chairs, starting with office chairs. After years of cooperating with many chair factories in China and launching a variety of office chairs that won market acclaim, Martin followed the trend and established his own brand COLAMY in 2019.

With the development and growth of the company, Martin began to recruit talented people in design and production; at the same time to expand the sales of chairs, from office chairs, expanded to dining chairs, accent chairs, gaming chairs, etc. We all have different backgrounds but share the same goal: to create affordable and comfortable seating that everyone can afford, from the office to the bedroom, every moment of sitting down, accompanied by the comfort of COLAMY. This goal inspires us every day and forever.