COLAMY CL290 - Most Comfortable Reclining Office Chair for Long Hours

Do you have an office job and have to spend half of your day sitting down on a chair? Have you been experiencing some backache lately? If so, then you need a comfortable office chair that's COLAMY Bonded leather office chair CL290. This amazing office chair can be adjusted any way you need to meet your needs and offer you maximum comfort and support.

The chair is made with bonded leather which gives it a unique and elegant style and makes it the perfect addition to any office. The bonded leather look combines well with the black stand and castors, adding comfort and an influx of authority to your workspace. The voluminous foam padding covered by bonded leather on the armrests, seat, and backrests ensures a full chair figure. The seat cushion uses two layers of high-density memory foam padding with additional springs for a comfortable and ergonomic sitting experience. With a 6” thick seat pad, you should have no issues sitting for long periods of time in the chair without feeling discomfort or pain.

In addition to the ample padding, this comfortable office chair reclines backward up to 45 degrees from an upright position. You can easily keep the back of the chair securely and steadily on the angle you prefer due to its unique angle recline locking mechanism. It also features an adjustable built-in lumbar support. And the back support adjuster will help you adjust the pressure on your back at your preferable level. You can also move the thick lumbar cushion to accommodate all your comfort needs. Moreover, simply pull out the footrest and give your legs a good stretch. You can enjoy taking a rest and then getting your jobs done more efficiently. Plus adjustable seat height, and it's not difficult to see why this reclining office chair is one of the COLAMY best sellers of 2022 and popular with a wide range of people.

This chair is exceptionally large as well. The overall dimensions of this larger office chair are 29" x 28" x 45"-49" inches. Additionally, it proves to be a very robust chair, which has a heavy-duty metal star base supporting a maximum body weight of 350 pounds. The sturdy frame has passed BIFMA quality checks, ensuring high stability and durability, offering comfort for taller or larger individuals. If you are a larger user that sits at your desk all day long and you need a chair that will keep you well-supported, the COLAMY office chair CL290 is definitely worth considering. At COLAMY, we make sure that use the right quality materials for maximum comfort and style.